Premium hanging dispenser for difficult flowing products, 8L, no base

Hanging dispenser including bracket for crossbar/wall mounting

This pull-push dispenser has been developed to widen the range of products that can be offered from a dispenser. Products like winegums, raisins, crunchy muesli, etc. can now be dispensed. Despite this innovative way of dispensing products too sticky or too soft will still not work.

Can also be used as a powder dispenser

We have tested this dispenser for a client in the fitness shakes business offering whey powder, creatine, etc. The dispenser brings out the powder in steady portions.




FD4104-h, hanging dispenser, for difficult flowing products, , 8L capacity, no base,

This dispenser comes from the USA and is made of Tritan, bpa free, plastic. The dispenser is equipped with an agitator on the dispenser floor connected to the lever. It can push or pull. This helps products to flow.

It has a false front meaning that the dispenser will always look full. To thoroughly clean the dispenser it can be completely disassembled. For a quick clean the front can be clicked apart. Note: when assembling the dispenser again the agitator must be pushed under the edges on the bottom of the dispenser.

The dispenser comes standard with a metal bracket allowing you to wall mount it or hang it on a cross bar.


Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 28 × 53 cm
Suitable for



Capacity liters


Dispense mechanism