Single, pro portion, dry food dispenser, wall mount, 2-9L capacity

If you just want to dispense one product, portion by portion

Then this pro portion single dispenser is the right one for  you. Your product will come out portion by portion. The exact volume dispensed, depends on the portion cassette installed. Every dispenser comes standard with several portion cassettes, easy to exchange. The portion ranges from 10cc to 35cc. Will only work for products flowing well.



Single pro portion dispenser, bpa free, incl. wall mount bracket

These pro portion  dispensers are made of “SAN” plastic, lid and funnel are made of ABS. Both materials are BPA free. Dispenser is delivered including wall mount bracket. The dispenser comes standard with a set of pro portion cassettes, easy to exchange. The cassettes range from 10cc to 35cc portions. The handle movement is from left to right and vice versa.

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