Food Dispense, specialist in bulk food merchandising

Welcome to Food Dispense, the bulk food merchandising specialist. With over 8 years of experience in the European “bulk food” market we have served many customers from a single shop to large brands and food retailers. Buying bulk is hot because it’s fun to do and saves packaging. Do you already have a part of your store dedicated to bulk buying? Does your brand need to catch up with the latest shopper trends? We will be pleased to help you!

Save packaging

The retailer is supplied with bulk bags of 3-20kg. That saves a lot of packaging compared to pre-packaged goods. If consumers are allowed to refill their own containers it all adds up!

Less food waste

A bulk food system allows your clients to contribute to a sustainable world and reduce food waste

Buy the amount you need

Pick your favorites and buy exactly the amount you need. Dispensers can be used for nuts, natural food, coffee beans, rice, etc. Dispensers can be free flow or portion controlled

Your branche

Are you looking for a branche specific solution to improve category results? Or do you want to create more fun on the shopping floor? What is your category: candy, cereals, tea, coffeebeans, spices, nuts, powders? We can offer a lot of experience in almost every category. How can we help you?

Turnkey retail solutions

Pick and mix dispenser cabinet

For organis stores, reform shops, supermarkets and unpackaged stores we offer complete bulk food solutions. Going big in bulk is the trend nowadays. Together we create your unique bulk food display or wall. Are you going to restyle your shop or start a new one? Please contact us and let’s discuss your needs


Are you looking for individual food dispensers and bulk food scoop bins to buy direct? Please visit our webshop. From retail bulk dispensers, food service dispensers, luxury coffee bean dispensers, large scoop containers, cereal dispensers and topping dispensers, you will find it here. Order now and visit our webshop!

Bulk food nuts display

Food Dispense, partner in the European bulk food market

The bulk food market is growing The bulk food market is growing and more and more clients contact Food Dispense to work together on various bulk food concepts for nuts, muesli, superfoods, chocolates, sweets, toppings, fitness powders, tea, coffee beans, etc. Our clients are retailers, food service companies and brands looking for successful, attractive presentations […]

Unpackaged trend

Five reasons why unpackaged shopping is a trend

The past years unpackaged shops appeared in big cities throughout Europe and especially in Germany new shops have been initiated. Even supermarkets more often choose unpackaged displays or shelfs. Early adopters have known it for years. Unpackaged shopping is a trend and Food Dispense gives you five reasons why. We are more aware of our […]

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