Zero waste turnkey solution, metal, 1250mm wide, 34 products

Join the trend and start saving packaging

FD30.003 is a 1250mm wide bulk food fixture combining dispensers and scoop boxes. It can host 34 products and will absolutely add to your bottom line.  It will be delivered turnkey that means; unpack, place, level, install dispensers, fill, label and ready you are.Join the unpackaged trend an install this bulk food presentation in your store!

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FD 30.003, welded metal fixture, 1250mm wide

Turnkey welded metal fixture, 1250 wide, including special dispenser shelf with catchtray and space for bags, cross bars for scoop bins, bottom, legs, uprights.

Dispenser setup:

12x FDS1046-s, 8 liter food dispenser

16x FSB1533, 11 liter scoop box

6x FD8108, 17 liter scoop box

Delivery time 6-8 weeks from date of ordering

Price ex freight costs. Please contact us for a freight cost quote.


Additional information

Weight 165 kg
Dimensions 125 × 60 × 200 cm