Attractive bulk food display for brands

Refill station for dry foods, start saving packaging!

Do you want to contribute to less packaging? Start offering bulk foods today and allow your customers to bring their own storage containers. That way we save a lot of packaging together.

This 125cm wide cabinet can host 14 different dry foods. This model can be combined with other displays next to each other or back to back. Products not flowing well should be offered from a scoop container.

Want to go big in bulk? Are you thinking about opening a store or create a large bulk food department? Please contact us. Together we will develop your unique bulk food presentation.



FD21.050 turnkey bulk food display 1250mm wide, 14 products

This beautiful 1250mm wide bulk food display hosts 32 products and can be ordered in different wood styles. Please let us know your preferred wood style. The price will not change. Solid colors are also possible.

The turnkey solutioon is filled with strong, air tight, bpa free dispensers made in Europe of recycled PET material. The display will be delivered pre-installed so no extra setup costs for you to pay. The price is EXW Enschede, The Netherlands. Please contact us for a freight cost quote.


24x FDS1046-s, 8L, bpa free

8x FSB1533, scoop container, 11L, bpa free

Delivery time 6-8 weeks from date of ordering

Price ex freight costs. Please contact us for a freight cost quote.

Additional information

Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 125 × 60 × 220 cm