Turnkey zero waste wall, 3,25 meter, white wash

Start saving packaging today!

Clients looking for ways to lower their footprint will love it. This wall can host 60 products and includes storage drawers.

Please let us know your preferred wood style.



FD21.200, zero waste solution, white wash, 48 products

Wooden cabinet including space for bags and storage. Metal, powder coated catchtrays below dispensers. Mix of dispensers and scoop containers for all kinds of dry foods.

Measurements LxWxH: 325x60x2000cm

Dispenser setup:

18x FDS 1046-s, 8L dispenser

9x FDS 1546-s, 14L dispenser

21x FSB1511, 11L scoop container

15x FD8100, 12L scoop container

Delivery time 6-8 weeks from date of ordering

Price ex freight costs. Please contact us for a freight cost quote.

Additional information

Weight 360 kg
Dimensions 308 × 60 × 200 cm