Rosseto 3x 2.5 liter, candy-topping dispenser, wall mount

Rosseto small candy dispensers 2,5L

If you are offering a luxury candy product with a lower turnover rate, these small dispenser might well suite  you. The capacity is 2.5L which equals about 1 to 1.5kg.

Toppings or tea
All dispensers are equipped with a 6-wing turning wheel with soft flaps that do not break the product. The output is approx. 35cc. If smaller portions are desired, for example for tea or toppings, please order additonally reference FD-PW028. You will need this set of portion wheels per dispenser.



Rosseto, candy dispenser set, wall mount, 2.5L each, including bracket

High quality dispenser set for all well flowing candies and toppings. The dispenser set comes standard including a steel wall mount bracket and a pre-installed 6 wing turning wheel. To exchange pro portion wheels just pull out the handle and put in another wheel.

Also available as a single dispenser and set of five.


Additional information

Weight 8.16 kg
Dimensions 45 × 19 × 34 cm
Suitable for




Dispense mechanism

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