Rosseto candy-topping dispenser, 5x5L, wall mount

Set of five classy looking candy dispensers

Very popular set of dispenser for candy and toppings. All dispensers have soft wing wheels inside that don’t break your product.

Set comes including 4 different portion wheels for smaller portions from 1 teaspoon. Ideal for toppings!




Rosseto EZ527, candy dispenser set, wall mount, 5L each, including bracket

High quality dispenser set for all well flowing candies and toppings. The dispenser set comes standard with 6 wing wheels with soft flaps that don’t harm your product. Each full turn will give approximately 30cc of product. Delivery including wall mount bracket. To exchange pro portion wheels just pull out the handle and put in another wheel.

Also available as a single and triple set.

Additional information

Weight 13.15 kg
Dimensions 74.5 × 19 × 54 cm
Suitable for




Dispense mechanism