Rosseto buffet stand, 2×3,8 liter on stainless steel stand

Keep your dispensing area clean

If you are looking for a small buffet stand that looks elegant and is made of stainless steel then this is your choice. It is high quality reliable product for your topping or breakfast buffet.



Rosseto EZ514, table top dispenser, ABS dispensers, stainless steel stand

This table top dispenser set is designed with a single sheet metal frame and 2 ABS plastic candy or topping containers. The clear containers allow for food to be displayed beautifully. A set of 5 portion control wheels is included allowing guests to dispense portions ranging from 1 tsp to a full spoon. The standard 6 wing wheel, pre-installed, with soft flaps will serve portions around 35cc.

Additional information

Weight 3.63 kg
Dimensions 22 × 21 × 44 cm
Suitable for





Dispense mechanism