Power pull-push dispensers, for products flowing difficult, 6L-10L

Difficult flowing products? This dispenser might do the job

These pull push dispensers have been developed to widen the range of products that can be offered from a dispenser. Products like winegums, raisins, crunchy muesli, etc. can now be dispensed. The dispenser is equipped with an agitator on the floor connected to the lever. It can push or pull.

Too sticky will not work

Despite this innovative way of dispensing hard to flow products, too sticky or too soft will still not work

Can also be used as a powder dispenser

We have tested these dispensers for a client in the fitness shakes business offering whey powder, creatine, etc. The dispensers bring out the powder in steady portions.




Special dispensers, with built in agitator to help products move, bpa free

These dispensers are made in the USA of Tritan plastic, bpa free. Very air tight and very strong. All dispensers have a moving floor (agitator) on the bottom connected to the lever. Each time the lever is pulled the agitator will help to move product out. Sometimes it is neccessary to change the movement of the agitator from pull to push.

Dispensers for on shelf installation come standard incl. an installation button to be found at the inside of the black base. If you want to install multiple dispensers in a row please order reference FD102 adhesive installation strip.


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