Hanging, pro portion dispenser, 8L, USA, about 120gr portion

Dispense one portion at the time!

Unique dispenser for pro portion dispensing. Built in compartment for aobut 120gr of product. Each time the handle is pulled it will dispense one portion. Only suitable for well flowing products like hard candies, peanuts, coffee beans, etc.



FD4109-h, pro portion, hanging dispenser, 8L capacity, no base

This dispenser comes from the USA and is made of Tritan, bpa free, plastic. The dispenser is equipped with an extra compartment inside. Everytime the handle is pulled it will dispense a portion of about 120gr.

It has a false front meaning that the dispenser will always look full. To thoroughly clean the dispenser it can be completely disassembled. For a quick clean the front can be clicked apart.

The dispenser comes standard with a metal bracket allowing you to wall mount it or hang it on a cross bar.

Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 28 × 46 cm
Suitable for



Capacity liters

Dispense mechanism