Coffee bean table top display with three 13L dispensers on wooden stand

Your high quality coffee beans presented well

This table top display with three large 13 liter dispensers is ideal to showcase your brand. The large metal grip can be branded with your logo and the false front of the dispensers allows them to always look full. Your customers can easlily try out new flavors and come back for more!


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Looking for an attractive way to present  your coffee beans or other dry foods?  This table top display is ideal for countertop or food service dispensing. This solution features three 13 liter coffee bean dispensers on a natural bamboo stand. The bulk dispensers are made of ABS plastic and BPA free. The clear acrylic catch tray is removable for easy cleaning. Each food dispenser includes Rosseto’s patented soft flap portion wheels, allowing you to dispense cereal, snacks, candy or coffee beans without damaging the product.