Mobile zerowaste shop in the Netherlands

Unpackaged food presented from a food bicycle truck

LOOS Utrecht: Pioneering Sustainability in Mobile bulk shop


In the heart of Utrecht, a revolutionary concept is taking shape—LOOS, a packaging-free, sustainable, mobile bulk shop. Founded by Laurens, a graduate from TU Delft, and his dedicated team, LOOS aims to bring bulk foods to the forefront, championing sustainability by minimising packaging waste.

The LOOS Difference

LOOS Utrecht sets itself apart by prioritising accessibility to bulk foods for everyone while significantly reducing environmental impact. Laurens’ commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of LOOS, from its packaging-free model to the careful selection of reliable, durable equipment.

Sourcing the Best: A Visit to Food Dispense

Laurens went the extra mile to ensure LOOS operates at its best by comparing food dispensers from different parts of the world. His journey led him to Food Dispense, where he meticulously compared dispensers from China and the USA. In the end, the robustness of the American dispensers triumphed in this contest.

Why the USA Dispensers Won:

  • Reliability: The USA dispensers demonstrated a higher level of reliability, crucial for the seamless operation of a mobile supermarket.
  • Durability: LOOS prioritises long-term sustainability, and the durability of the American dispensers aligns perfectly with this vision.

A Commitment to Sustainability

For Laurens and his team, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it’s a way of life. LOOS Utrecht is a testament to their dedication to reducing packaging waste and providing customers with a greener alternative.

Wishing LOOS Success

As LOOS embarks on this pioneering journey, we extend our best wishes for success. We hope that the people of Utrecht and beyond embrace this initiative, recognising the positive impact it can have on both their lives and the environment.


LOOS Utrecht stands as a beacon of sustainability in the world of retail, proving that a mobile supermarket can be both eco-conscious and accessible. Laurens’ commitment to providing bulk foods without excess packaging is a testament to the positive change that can be achieved through innovation and dedication.


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