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Keep your buffet clean

It quickly becomes a mess on the buffet when customers scoop toppings from an open container. Sometimes the scooping goes wrong or a lot falls beside the cone or tray of ice cream or yogurt. If there is then no time to keep the buffet clean, it will leave a negative impression on the next customer. The buffet must remain clean and hygienic looking at any time.

Rosseto is a high end brand that offers special dispensers for toppings. The dispensers come standard including several portion wheels that can dispense portions starting from 1 tea spoon to a full spoon.

Portion dispensers for portions from 10cc to 35cc

If servings of a teaspoon to a tablespoon are too small for your product we have dispensers with a sliding system as an alternative. The lever is moved from left to right and vice versa and each movement gives one serving. The dispensers come with a set of 5 different portion cassettes, ranging from 10cc to 35cc,  that are easily interchangeable. This allows you to determine the right dispensing for all your products.

Want to create a WOW effect?

If you really want to impress your customers fill a long wall with these tall topping dispensers, dispensing portions from 10cc to 35cc. Your customers will be exited and your shop will become the talk of the town!

The dispensers are 95cm tall and come including a wall mount bracket. Availabe as a single dispenser but also as set of three.

Toppings wall using Rosseto topping dispensers 5 liter capacity
Looking for a topping display?

Since 2010 Food Dispense has served customers throughout Europe with turnkey bulk food solutions. We have a solution for every category including grains, cereals, nuts, candy, toppings, powders, tea leaves, coffee beans, etc. in wood or in metal.

Do you want to create a unique topping wall in your store? Please contact us to discuss your ideas.

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