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Special dispenser for fitness powders

Introducing the perfect solution for all your protein and creatine needs – our special powder dispenser! Unlike regular dispensers that often get stuck, our dispenser features a unique mechanism that shakes the powder with every handle movement, ensuring a smooth and consistent portion every time. Plus, with our set of portion cassettes, you can select the perfect portion for each product, making sure you never over or under-dose again.

Choose between wall-mounted or stand dispensers, depending on your preference and space. Not only convenient, our dispenser also makes for a sleek addition to your gym space or fitness center. Say goodbye to messy protein scoops and hello to a seamless and effortless powder dispensing experience.

Ground spices dispenser on black stand
Dispensing ground spices

Like fitness powders and flours, ground spices can be difficult to dispense. Most of the time, the product gets stuck in the dispenser and nothing comes out. This ground spice dispenser solves the problem. The lever moves from left to right and vice versa, and each movement gives one serving. The dispensers come with a set of five different portion cassettes, ranging from 10cc to 35cc, which are easily interchangeable. This allows you to determine the right amount of dispensing for all your products. The dispenser is available as a tabletop stand or with a bracket for wall mounting.

Want to create a WOW effect?

Are you ready to take your customer’s experience to the next level? Then look no further than these amazing tall powder dispensers! Not only are they eye-catching but they also come iincluding a set of portion cassettes, ranging from 10cc to 35cc, allowing you to choose the right portion for each product. Just imagine the excitement your customers will feel when they see a wall filled with these impressive dispensers. All dispensers come with a convenient wall mount bracket, so installation is a breeze.  Available as a single unit, set of two or set of three dispensers. Tall dispensers are not available on a stand.  Make a statement and have your shop become the talk of the town. Don’t wait, make the decision to upgrade your shop’s look and feel today!

Premium bulk powder dispenser
Bulk powder dispenser

As you consider which dispenser to choose for your powders, it’s important to keep in mind the needs of your customers and the efficiency of your dispensing system. You may find that a standard dispenser simply isn’t up to the task of accommodating larger portions or higher volumes of your products, which can slow down your sales process and frustrate your customers. Fortunately, our premium bulk food dispenser is designed to solve these problems and more. With a spacious capacity and an innovative agitator at the bottom, this dispenser ensures that every pull of the handle results in a smooth and consistent flow of your powders. So if you’re looking for a dispenser that can keep up with your business and provide top-notch service to your patrons, look no further than our premium bulk food dispenser with agitator technology.

Looking for a powder or spice display?

Since 2010 Food Dispense has served customers throughout Europe with turnkey bulk food solutions. We have a solution for every category including grains, cereals, nuts, candy, toppings, powders, spices, tea leaves, coffee beans, etc. in wood or in metal.

Do you want to create a unique powder dipslay for your gym or a spice corner in your store? Please contact us to discuss your ideas.


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