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No more smells and moths

The pet food branche is used to selling bulk foods for dogs, cats and rabits. Still very often we come across open boxes that attract moths and spread a certain odour in the shop.

If you want to upgrade your bulk section please let us know your ideas. We will be pleased to help and understand your business. For a Fressnapf franchiser we have developed special shelves to support buckets.

Pet food display
Create different categories

Customers want to be assisted in making the right choice. By creating different bulk sections for dogs, cats, rodents, etc. it is clear where to look for a specific pet.

Customers pull the handle of the dispenser and the product will start to flow. Products that can not be dispensed easily should be offered from a scoop box.

Bags and the scale should be found nearby in a logical way. Customers will love it because of the hygienic presentation and the fact that they can buy as much as they need.

Do you need a big pet food dispenser?
In the pet industry every one is used to big bags of 10-15 or even 25kg. Customers buy in buckets not in bags. So in many cases the pet retailers found our dispensers to be too small.
For that reason we have added some big boys to our line of products. A dispenser that can hold about 22kg and a scoop box of 27 liter which eqauls about 15kg.
Looking for a turnkey pet food wall?

Food Dispense offers turnkey displays or walls in metal or wood. From 1 meter to 10 meter it is up to you. Different modules can be combined to a wall or island. Please share your thoughts with us and together we will design your unique candy presentation.

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