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We understand the time, energy, and love that you put into your coffee and for that reason we offer you the most innovative, durable and beautiful coffee bean dispensers. If there is one product that can benefit from the esthetical advantages of our systems, it is coffee. If you are looking for a superior, hygienic and user-friendly merchandising system, you can stop here.

An attractive wall of coffee beans

Upgrade your coffee display with our stunning tall coffee bean dispensers! Our variety of heights and colors allows you to find the perfect fit for your brand. These dispensers showcase your high-quality beans attractively, encourage sustainability, and make it easy for customers to try out new flavors while buying only the amount they need. We believe in the power of presentation and are dedicated to helping you create a beautiful and functional display. Let us help you create an unforgettable experience for your customers.

Luxury coffee bean dispenser stainless steel
The classic coffee bean dispensers

You probably have seen this dispenser before somewhere in a coffee shop, bar or roastery. The quality of the beans is expressed by this luxury stainless steel dispenser. Imagine the look if 6 or more of these coffee bean dispensers are placed next to each other. The dispenser has a return hole for excess coffee beans. Available in Gold, Copper and Silver.

The strong, bpa free, durable coffee bean dispenser

This premium 8 liter dispenser (FD4107-S) is often used to dispense coffee beans in a supermarket. It is very strong and air tight and has a false front so the dispenser will always look full. Available in 8L, 13L and 19L with free flow or portion control mechanism.  Easy to disassemble and clean. To place several dispensers on a shelf, next to each other, please order the adhesive locking strip additonally. The output of the dispenser can be limited in three positions.

Supermarket coffee bean dispenser with false front
Table top display for coffee beans on wooden stand
Showcase your coffee bean brand

Showcase your coffee brand with our elegant and practical coffee bean dispensers. Each set includes three dispensers with a 13-liter capacity, perfect for coffee shops or roastery companies. They feature a large round metal grip that can be branded with your logo. The clear body with a false front allows for the dispenser to always look full and ensures good visibility of the coffee beans. The dispensers sit on a rustic wooden stand, adding warmth and charm to your space. Upgrade your coffee experience now.

Looking for a coffee bean display?

Since 2010 Food Dispense has served customers throughout Europe with turnkey bulk food solutions. We have a solution for every category including grains, cereals, nuts, candy, powders, tea leaves, coffee beans, etc. in wood or in metal.

Do you want to start saving packaging and install a bulk food section in your store? Please contact us to receive our Bulk Food Solutions catalog.


Supermarket coffee bean display

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