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Impressive pick and mix Jelly Bean or M&M dispensers?

The candy business is a special business. Everyone likes to endulge himself every now and then or surprise someone with a candy or chocolate gift. That will never change.

Wether you are a brand, shop or supermarket Food Dispense can help you stand out and attract true candy lovers.

Food Dispense candy wall pick and mix
An amazing confectionery wall?

A long candy wall in all those colors is a stunning site. No one can pass by without buying something. Just fill your bag and pick your favorite sweets.

The candy dispensers and scoop containers will keep the candy fresh and perfectly present the products.

Eye catching tall candy dispensers?

These candy dispensers with a free flow mechanism are 95cm tall! Easy to fill and clean because of the divided container in the middle. Everything you put inside will catch the eye. What product do you want to boost?

Countertop candy display with three 5 liter dispensers
Countertop impulse purchases?

Boost your candy sales with our candy countertop display! This modern display features three bulk dispensers that make it easy for customers to grab their favorite treats. The clear dispensers and simple back and forth grip allow for easy dispensing and the sleek design will catch the eye of sweet tooths passing by. Keep your store organized and tidy while increasing impulse buying. Get your candy countertop display with three bulk dispensers today!

You have a special project in mind?

Food Dispense has done crazy things for several international clients in the candy industry. Look at this 250cm high candy dispensers created to form a Jelly Bean forest inside a store. Customers are amazed by these tall Jelly Bean trees.

250cm tall candy dispensers
Jelly Bean Factory display
Looking for a turnkey candy display?

Food Dispense offers turnkey displays or walls in metal or wood. From 1 meter to 10 meter it is up to you. Different modules can be combined to a wall or island. Please share your thoughts with us and together we will design your unique candy presentation.