Haribo Pick and Mix Candy Display

Haribo pick and mix display made by Food Dispense

Unwrapping Sweet Success: A Tempting Invitation to Candy Companies

Located at the core of Total Leiderdorp in the Netherlands, the strategic partnership between Haribo and Total has given rise to an extraordinary confectionery showcase – the Haribo Candy Display. Meticulously fashioned by the adept craftsmen at Food Dispense, this display, featuring avant-garde candy dispensers, candy pick&mix options, and candy scoop bins, transcends traditional presentations. It is not merely an assortment of sweets; it symbolises a celebration of creativity, design excellence, and customer satisfaction.

Haribo Candy Display Lovers

The true measure of triumph resonates in the smiles and satisfaction of patrons. Haribo Display enthusiasts have spoken, echoing the sentiment that this candy showcase, with its integrated candy dispensers and candy pick&mix options, goes beyond mere convenience – it’s an immersive experience. Stories abound of families bonding over their preferred Haribo selections and friends delighting in the freedom to pick and mix their personalised sweet blends, all thanks to the candy scoop bins.

Your Confections, Your Artistry

To all forward-thinking candy companies, consider this an invitation to embark on a journey of confectionery innovation. Food Dispense, armed with cutting-edge candy dispenser technology, stands ready to turn your sweet visions into tangible reality. Envisage a tailor-made candy display that mirrors your brand identity, captivates your audience, and invites them to select their favourites with candy pick&mix options.

Developing an Attractive Candy Display

Collaboration emerges as the key to unlocking unparalleled sweetness. Share your concepts, aspirations, and brand narrative with Food Dispense. Allow the skilled artisans, alongside state-of-the-art candy dispenser technology, to weave their enchantment, transforming your ideas into an exclusive candy display that not only showcases your products but also integrates seamlessly into your brand story.

When developing a candy display here are some useful tips:

  1. Understand Your Audience: Begin by conducting thorough market research to comprehend the preferences and demographics of your target audience. Identify popular flavours, textures, and types of sweets that resonate with your customers. Tailor your pick&mix retail candy display to cater to the tastes and preferences of your specific consumer base.

  2. Diversify Sweet Selection: Offer a diverse range of sweets to cater to varying tastes. Include traditional favourites alongside trendy and innovative confections. Ensure a balance of textures, such as chewy, crunchy, and soft candies. A well-curated mix will entice customers and encourage them to create unique combinations, enhancing the overall pick&mix experience.

  3. Optimize Visual Appeal: Design an eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing display to attract customers. Use vibrant colours, enticing signage, and strategic lighting to highlight your pick&mix candy selection. Consider the overall layout and accessibility of the display, making it easy for customers to navigate and choose their favourite sweets.

  4. Incorporate Interactive Elements: Enhance customer engagement by incorporating interactive elements into your pick&mix retail candy display. Integrate candy scoop bins, allowing customers to self-serve and create their custom combinations. Consider adding touchpoints like tasting stations or interactive screens providing information about each sweet, elevating the overall shopping experience.

  5. Promote Brand Storytelling: Utilize your pick&mix retail candy display as a storytelling platform for your brand. Incorporate branding elements, such as logos and taglines, into the display design. Share the story behind your candies, their quality, and the craftsmanship involved. Engage customers emotionally by creating a connection between your brand and the joyous experience of picking and mixing their favourite sweets.



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