De Ruijter Chocolate Sprinkles Tap for Hotels and Food Service

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Revolutionizing Breakfast: Food Dispense’s Collaboration with Heinz Kraft for De Ruijter Sprinkles Tap

In the pursuit of enhancing the breakfast experience, Food Dispense joined forces with Heinz Kraft to develop an innovative solution – the De Ruijter Sprinkles Tap. This collaboration presented unique challenges that demanded creative problem-solving, resulting in a product that has become a staple among De Ruijter’s clients.

Challenges and Objectives

  1. Precise Portions (15-25gr): Crafting a dispenser that delivers precise portions, ensuring a perfect sprinkle every time.
  2. Buffet-Friendly (Avoid Spills): Designing a tap that eliminates spills, especially crucial for buffet setups.
  3. Variable Volumes (2.5L to 5L): Accommodating different volumes to meet varying usage needs.
  4. Dispenser Quantity Variations: Offering flexibility with dispenser quantity, ranging from a single stand to a stand with three dispensers.
  5. Branding Integration: Incorporating De Ruijter branding on both dispensers and stands.
  6. Low Quantity Production: Developing a solution for low-quantity production, considering unique client requirements.
  7. Steel-like Aesthetics: Ensuring the tap’s look and feel align with Heinz Kraft’s existing breakfast dispense solutions.

Innovative Solution

Food Dispense navigated these challenges adeptly, culminating in the creation of the De Ruijter Sprinkles Tap. This groundbreaking dispenser not only met but exceeded expectations, offering a seamless and efficient solution to elevate the breakfast experience.

Widely Adopted

The success of this collaboration is evident in the widespread adoption of the De Ruijter Sprinkles Tap among De Ruijter’s clients. Its popularity can be attributed to its precision, cleanliness, and the aesthetic cohesion it brings to breakfast dispense solutions.

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