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The world of tea

Food Dispense understands the time, energy, and love that you put into your tea. It is all about quality en for that reason we offer a wide range of tea dispensers. What is your idea? Offering loose tea in a retail environment or offering loose tea at the office?

Do you want to offer loose tea in a store?

That is a good idea. People like to try out new flavors and buy just a little. On average tea is bought in 75gr amounts so it is a perfect to offer it loose. Your customers will love it and return to your store more often. Our wall mount dispensers come standard with different portion wheel allowing you to set the right portion for your purpose. In the USA the famous tea brand “Teavana” is using dispensers and In Holland the brand “Simon Levelt” offers their precious tea this way. How can we help you?

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Tevana teas and herbals

Looking for a loose tea dispenser for hotel or office environment?

Probably you are looking for a tea dispenser that can handle small portions. Even portions from 1 teaspoon can be dispensed. The soft wings of the portion wheel will not crush your tea leaves. Customer can dispense into a T-sac or small teapot with filter.

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Triple dispenser set 2,5 liter, wall mount