Herbs & spices

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Dispensers for herbs and spices

More and more people get inspired to eat and live healthy. Many of them are downloading recipes from the net and find out that they miss just that one spice. Why isn’t it possible to go to a store and get just the amount you need? We always come home with a little bottle again and after a year it is still waiting to be used again. Will you be that retailer offering loose spices and herbs?

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Different portion wheels

Spices are bought in small portions so you will need the right dispenser. Our Rosseto wall mount dispensers are delivered with six different portion wheels allowing you to set the right portion for each product. Portions starting form one teaspoon can be dispensed. Clients will not buy much but they will soon return!


Restyling your food store or starting a new one?

Please consider creating a stunning self dispense herbs and spices wall. You will draw lots of new customers and be the talk of the town!

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