Dispense solutions for tea, spices, powders and proteine

Stimulate healthy snacking!

Are you offering super foods like chia seeds, grains, cacao nibs and kernels as a topping for yoghurt? Do you already have a nut bar at the office? Would you support the idea of stimulating healthy snacking? Please contact us, we will be happy to help.

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Shake dispenser, pull-push technique

To stimulate sales in fitness shakes we advise to attractively present the range of powders available and let people taste new flavors. Dispensers can be helpful to show the product and dispense a certain portion. They also help to simplify the handling needed to serve one customer. How many flavors do you want to show?

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Shake dispensers pull-push, how does it work?

To dispense powders is not easy. These products are so fine that most dispensers will leak or the powder does not flow at all. The pul-push technique solves this problem. Every time the handle is pulled an agitator on the floor of the dispenser pulls or pushes the product. Powder comes out in regular portions. Your customers will love to self dispense their shake.