Dispense solutions for sweets and candy

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Do you want to create more excitement in the candy aisle?

Well known brands use dispensers to stimulate impuls sales and promote their brand. Mars does it, The Jelly Bean Factory does it and many other to. The reason is that picking your own favorites and self dispense them in a cup or bag is just fun to do! Would that be something for your brand or store?

Going big in pick and mix

If you really want to stand out and attract more customers than you have ever done before, going big in pick and mix will do the job. Your stunning, colorful, tempting candy wall can be a mix of dispensers, scoop containers, pre packaged goods, gifts, etc. Together we will design a unique wall. And don’t worry even gummy bears will dispense!

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Food Dispense candy presentation

Product launch coming up?

Are you looking for a creative way to launch a new product and really get in touch with your customer? Let them pick their favorite and enjoy dispensing it. We are sure customers will remember your brandname better. Please contact us and together we will design the best display meeting your needs.

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M&M display (2)

Candy counter top display?

A good looking candy counter top display will be an eye catcher, that is for sure. It will attract customers and stimulate impuls buying. It will help you launch and sample a product or it helps to sell a seasonal product. How can we help you?

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EZ552 250

Topping dispensers for ice cream and yoghurt?

If you need dispensers that can handle small portions please check our topping dispensers. Especially interesting for ice cream parlors and  yoghurt bars. Available in different capacities and supplied with different portion wheels to handle all kind of toppings.

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Triple topping wall mount set