The trend is unpackaged!

This is the time to install:

bulk food wall

A bulk food department

A category display

A bulk product presentation

How many space can you dedicate to bulk foods?

We want to install a bulk department

The trend is unpacked, are you already responding to that? Are you considering to start something new, refurbish or reorganize? That is an ideal time to start an unpackaged department. Your clients will love it. Please let us help you. For more than 10 years we are serving customers throughout Europe. 

Onverpakt wand bio winkel
Breakfast cereals dispense concept

We need a category display

Which category will you give extra attention in the near future? Is an unpackaged concept an option for you? Do you want to attract shoppers caring about the planet and their health? Please let us know your thoughts. The picture shows a breakfast cereal concept developed in collaboration with Dr Oetker Germany.

We want to start with a single shelf

You want to start small and see if it works for you? Order one of our test packages including an easy installation adhesive strip and start offering bulk foods.

Gravity bins 13 liter
Electrical yoghurt dispense machine

I want more fun on the shopping floor

What about a peanut butter machine, a yoghurt dispense machine or a complete wall of electrical candy dispensers? Please see the different options and let us know your ideas.