Dispense solutions for nuts and dried fruits

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Your customers are going nuts

Food Dispense is a specialist company in retail and food service dispense solutions. If you want to offer loose nuts in your store you have come to the right place. Cashews, peanuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds, pecans, etc is just a small variety of what can be offered. Why not allow your customers to buy just the amount they need?

Attractive and hygienic

A first in-first out design, tight-fitting lids and rounded inside of the dispenser guarantees the freshness of your products. The false front that can be filled separately from the body, ensures an “always look full” presentation

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Turning wheel dispenser 13,3 liter

Create a stunning nuts wall

Your store will be the talk of the town! Fresh nuts presented this way are irresistible. Customers will return to your store more often and this will positively add to your bottom line.

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Stimulate healthy snacking

This elegant nut bar will stimulate impulse buying, that is for sure. Customers will buy  a cup of nuts on their way to the office. Can also be used in the office itself. Please let us know your ideas for this nut display.

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EZ522 small