Dispense solutions for ice-cream parlor and yoghurt bar

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Topping dispensers

It is important to use dispensers that only give a small portion and are designed to handle different kind of toppings. Food Dispense offers a wide range of topping dispensers for frozen yoghurt bars and ice cream parlors.  Please take a look at our solutions for toppings!

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A unique topping display, wall or buffet?

From a a small counter display to a complete topping wall we can help you making your shop stand out. Customers pick their favorites and dispense a small portion. A long topping wall will absolutely attract new customers! You need topping dispensers for multiple stores? Please contact us for a custom quote.



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Small portion topping dispensers

All wall mount dispensers come standard with different portion wheels. This allows you to set the right portion for each topping from caramel pieces to M&M crunches.

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Different portion wheels

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