Dispense solutions for breakfast buffet and business catering

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Buffet stands for cereals, salads and toppings

Are you looking for a beautiful cereal display for your breakfast buffet? Choose the bigger dispensers if you do not want to refill all the time. Do you want the stand to match your high profile identity then please look for a stainless steel or wood finish. We offer a buffet stand for every budget. If you need more than one display please contact us for a custom quote.

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 Topping dispensers, the right portion

For icecream toppings, salad and dessert toppings you will need a dispenser that can handle small portions. Toppings are available in a wide range from M&M crunch, chocolate pieces, caramel chunks, etc. The owner wants his buffet to stay clean and the customer does not want to be surprised by too much product dispensed. All our wall mount dispensers come standard with various portion wheels that will allow you to set the right portion for each product.

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Shabu Shabu Apeldoorn S

 Tea dispenser for one cup of tea

Even the amount needed for one cup of tea can be dispensed. A unique portion wheel combined with a sillicon chute narrows down the portion to 2-5gr. This is the solution to dispense loose tea at work!

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Buffet honey dispenser per portion

Do you want to attractively present honey on your buffet? In a way that guests can dispense a small portion every time the lever is moved? This honey dispenser does exactly that. Portion around 12gr


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 Luxury liquid dispenser in gold, chrome or brass finish

Liquid dispensers are available on the market in many variations. These however are special. A nice bulbous form and available in gold, chrome or brass finish. Can be used for honey, olive oils, water, etc.

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