Volume scoop container 45 liter


Large scoop container 45 liter

This large 45 liter volume scoop container can be used for basic bulk foods or non foods that are sold in larger amounts like dogfood, flours, grains, etc. The slanted front allows a good vision on the product. Scoop set not included



Reference: FD2075, volume scoop container, 45 liter, excl. scoop

Material: BPA free Tritan plastic

Capacity: 45 liter
Dimensions LxBxH: 62x23x62
Weight: 7,8
Output: scoop product

Installation: on the floor

Color: Cloudy
Can be used for: All dry foods including flour, oats, grains, petfood, etc.

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Delivery: 2 weeks

Additional information

Weight 6.8 kg
Dimensions 23 × 62 × 62 cm