Unpackaged starter deal


The trend is unpackaged!

Start now offering loose dry foods from a dispenser. This deal will help you


6 dry food dispensers in a row

Would you like to start offering loose dry foods from a dispenser? For just a small amount of money you can test this environment friendly merchandising concept. Buy 6 dispensers in a row together with an easy installation locking strip to place them on your shelf at a temporarily reduced price.
The installation is simple Just place the locking strip in the back of your shelf, hook the dispensers under it, make a label for your food products and start selling


The dispensers
These are the best dispensers in the market Very durable, bpa free, easy to clean and airtight. They are 15cm wide and 46cm high from the shelf They seem to look always full because of the false front It can hold up to 6kg of product (13L) Suitable for nuts, muesli, cruesli, oats, rice, beans, peas, pasta and if you wish petfood


Start now and help to reduce single use plastic packaging. One set per customer.