Rosseto, wall mount dispenser set, 4,9 liter


Rosseto unique food service dispensers!

This food service dispenser set is ideal voor all companies wishing to present quality food in a hygienic and attractive way. Can be used for multi dry foods like nuts, candy, cereals, toppings, tea, etc.

Setting the right portion

All wall mount dispensers come with a serie of portion wheels allowing you to set the right portion for every product starting from one teaspoon. Even 2-5gr loose tea leafs, for one cup of tea, is possible. The portion wheels are easy to install and change.

Powder dispenser

If  you want to dispense powders or ground spices you will need an additional dispenser inlay. Powders tend to get stuck in the dispenser and are so fine that the dispenser could leak. The inlay will prevent that.

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Reference: Rosseto EZ524, wall mount dispenser set, 4,9 liter each, including wall mount bracket

Description Rosseto EZ-SERV® 2W, double stylish multi dry food dispenser, metal grip, 4,9 Liter, portion control dispenser, incl. wall mount bracket

Material: Clear acrylic dispenser
Capacity: 2x 4,9
Product dimensions: 30,5×16,5×53,3
Weight: 5,4
Dispenser portion: Comes with 6 different portion wheels for portions starting from one teaspoon

Installation: wall mount, bracket included
Colour: Silver matte
Can be used for: Cereals, candy, nuts, superfoods, toppings, spices, sprinkles, etc.
Delivery: 2 weeks

Additional information

Weight 5.44 kg
Dimensions 33 × 17.8 × 72.4 cm