Rosseto, two dispenser, 13,3 liter, table top display


Table top display, two dispensers, black stand

The DS106 is a table top display with two +/- 6kg capacity portion dispensers, dispensing all kinds of dry foods one portion at the time. Especially suited for ToGo concepts of for products not bought in large amounts like seeds, loose tea, etc. The large, high-quality steel grip can be used for extra info like Action, Bio, Glutenfree, etc. The portion wheel itself has soft flaps that do not crush the product. If you need to adjust the portion, other wheels can be ordered.


Reference: Rosseto DS106, two dispenser 13,3 liter, table top display

Description: Pro Bulk Rosseto double dispenser pick and mix stand, with metal grip that can be branded, portion control, table top black acrylic stand incl. black acrylic catch tray

Material: 2x 13,3
Product dimensions: 33 x 52 x 63.5
Weight: 14.06
Dispenser portion: Comes with 1 portion wheel, portion is about 25gr. Other output wheels can be ordered.
Installation:  on stand
Colour: Clear/black
Can be used for: Candy, Nuts, Dry food, Superfoods, Petfood, Tea
Delivery: 2 weeks

Additional information

Weight 14.06 kg
Dimensions 50.8 × 50.9 × 50.1 cm