Rosseto, single dispensers buffet stand, 4,9 liter


Single 4,6 liter cereal dispenser on stand

This single, 4,6 liter, dispenser buffet stand including bamboo catchtray, is an eye-catcher in the morning. The grip is made of metal leaving you with a high-quality feeling. Product is beautifully displayed in the dispenser and will not be crushed by the portion wheel because of soft flaps. If you need to change the outflow, different portion wheels are available.


Reference: Rosseto EZ518, single dispenser buffet stand, 4,9 liter, bamboo catchtray

Description: Rosseto EZ-SERVĀ®, single stylish cereal dispenser, metal grip, 4,9 Liter, portion control dispenser with bamboo catch tray

Material: Clear acrylic dispenser with bamboo stand
Capacity: 4,9
Product dimensions: 22,9×23,5×66
Weight: 3,4
Dispenser portion: Comes with 1 portion wheel, portion is about 25gr. Other portion wheels can be ordered

Installation: on stand
Colour: Wood
Can be used for: Cereals, candy, nuts, superfoods, toppings, spices, sprinkles, etc.
Delivery: 2 weeks

Additional information

Weight 3.4 kg
Dimensions 65.5 × 33.7 × 31.7 cm