Rosseto, gravity dispenser, 13L, turning wheel


Gravity dispenser 13 liter, turning wheel, on shelf installation

The DS101 is a large dispenser meant for a food retail environment. It dispenses all kinds of dry foods one portion at the time. That can be handy for products that are not bought in large amounts like seeds, loose tea, etc. or in a ToGo concept. The large high-quality steel grip can be used for extra info like:  “Action, Bio, Glutenfree” etc. The portion wheel itself has soft flaps that do not crush the product.

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Reference: Rosseto DS101, gravity dispenser, 13 liter, turning wheel

Description: Pro Bulk, Rosseto retail dispenser, portion control, with large metal grip that can be branded.

Material: Acryl
Capacity: 13L
Product dimensions: 13 x 42 x 44.5
Weight: 3,53 kg
Dispenser portion: approximately 35cc per turn
Installation: on shelf using adhesive locking strip
Colour: Clear/black
Can be used for: Candy, Nuts, Dry food, Superfoods, Petfood, Tea
Delivery: 2 weeks

Additional information

Weight 3.53 kg
Dimensions 16.5 × 31.8 × 52.1 cm