Rosseto double dispenser, stainless steel buffet stand, 3,8 liter


Double stainless steel buffet stand

If you are looking for a small buffet stand this is your choice. Stailess steel, high quality product. Can be used for multiple dry foods


Reference: Rosseto EZ514, double dispenser 3,8 liter, stainless steel, buffet stand

Description: Rosseto double dry food dispenser EZ-PRO™ H2S with stainless steel lids and stand

Material:  Stainless steel stand and lids

Capacity: 2x 3,8 liter
Product dimensions: 22,8×20,3×43,2
Weight: 3,6
Dispenser portion: Comes with 1 portion wheel, portion is about 25gr. Other portion wheels can be ordered

Installation: On stand

Colour: Stainless steel
Can be used for: Cereals, candy, nuts, superfoods, toppings, spices, sprinkles, etc.
Delivery: 2 weeks

Additional information

Weight 3.63 kg
Dimensions 26.4 × 25.4 × 44.4 cm