Pull-push dispenser for hard to flow products


13 liter pull-push dispenser with agitator

This pull-push dispenser has been developed to widen the range of products that can be offered from a dispenser. Products like winegums, raisins, crunchy muesli, etc. can now be dispensed. The dispenser is equipped with an agitator on the floor connected to the handle. It can push or pull.

Can also be used as a powder dispenser

We have tested this dispenser for a client in the fitness shakes business offering whey powder, creatine, etc. The dispenser brings out the powder in steady portions.

Too sticky will not work

Despite this innovative way of dispensing hard to flow products, too sticky or too soft will still not work.



Reference: FD6104-s, 13 liter pull-push dispenser with agitator on the floor, pushes or pulls product out, 13 liter capacity

Material:  BPA free plastic
Capacity: 13 liter
Product dimensions:  width 10, length 28, heigth from stand 46m

Weight: 3,5 kg

Dispenser spout: 8cm

Food flow: per portion each time the handle is pulled. Portions are not exact

Installation: either individually using retainer in the base of the dispenser or with adhesive strip FD102 for more dispensers across
Colour: Black/Clear
Can be used for: hard to flow products like winegums, raisins, etc. Products too sticky or soft can’t be offered from a dispenser

Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 28 × 46 cm