Bulk food display, FD31.001

do you already have a bulk food department in your store?

Do you want to contribute to less packaging in an attractive way? Then switch to offering as many unpackaged food as possible and allow your customers to bring their own storage boxes. That way we save a lot of packaging together

This 125 cm wide cabinet offers space for 26 different products and has more scoop bins than dispensers. It is intended for, for example, grains and flour or for nuts and dried fruit. But ofcourse it can be used for other products as well. The dispensers can easily be placed on the shelf by hooking them under a plastic profile that is stuck on the shelf. Two compartements for bags are built in.

Do you have larger ambitions and do you want to furnish an entire wall of 2 meters in length or more? Please contact us. We are happy to use our 10 years of experience to create a unique “Unpackaged” wall with you in wood or metal.






Artikel: FD31.001, less packaging-dispenser cabinet

Measurements: LxBxH: 1250x550x2200mm (also available in other sizes)

Material: Laminated wood

Colour/wood style/branding: as desired

Total 26 sku’s

8x FD6108-s, 13 liter dispenser

18x FD8100, 12 liter scoop box, incl. scoop


Additional information

Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 125 × 60 × 200 cm

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