Large bulk food dispenser 50L

Big dispenser for products moving fast

This 50L dispenser is a very popular dispenser among petfood stores all around the globe. It goes back at least 30 years and is made of BPA free material. Due to the false front it always looks full. It is easy to install using the FD102 installation strip and can be easily cleaned. Once the handle is pulled the product will start to flow. The output can be limited in 4 different positions.



FD500, big bulk dispenser for dry foods, 50 liter

This big dispenser is made of bpa free  plastic and is made in the EU. It can be used for all easy flowing dry foods for example: nuts, beans, seeds, pits, grains, dragees, pasta, etc. The dispenser can host about 20kg of product. Ideal for a product moving fast.

Additional information

Weight 7.7 kg
Dimensions 23 × 52 × 69 cm
Suitable for



Capacity liters


Dispense mechanism