Installation strip for FD dispensers, 120cm


Adhesive dispenser installation strip

FD6003-6005-6012 dispensers

For installing the above mentioned range the strip is necessary. Available in 15-60- and 120cm

FD4000-FD4000 en FD6000 series

These series can also be installed individually using the standard retainer to be found in the base. Then you will not need the strip. If  you want to place more dispensers in a row it is easy to order the installation strip


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Reference: FD102, 120cm long, dispenser installation adhesive strip for smooth surfaces

Material:  Plastic
Dimensions: 120cm for 8-12 dispensers

Installation: stick on smooth surface

Color: Black
Can be used for:

Installing dispenser FD6003-6005-6012 and FD4000 en FD6000 series


Additional information

Dimensions 120 × 2 × 3 cm