Dry food dispenser set, 95cm high


High food dispensers provide more temptation and stimulate impulse purchases

If you really want to seduce your customers, we have an eye-catcher for you. A super attractive 5 dispenser set of 95 cm height. The dosage is free flow but the outflow can be controlled in three positions: min, mid, max


Reference: FD-HFF59, five dispenser set, 9 liter each

Description: Maximum impact dry food dispenser set

Material: Transparent acrylic dispenser with silver base
Capacity: 5x 9 liter
Measurements LxBxH: 15x 15x95cm
Weight: 10kg
Dispenser output: free flow, three options; min, mid, max

Installation: including wall mount bracket and extra top support ring
Color: transparent, silver
Suitable for: all dry foods not too big and not too sticky
Delivery: delivery time 2-3 weeks