High food dispenser for super attractive presentation


High dry food dispenser with portion control

If you really want to seduce your customers then this is the eye-catcher you need. A 95cm high dispenser equipped with a dispense mechanism for a portion controlled output ranging from 10 to 35 cc. In this way you can fine-tune every pick and mix concept to your wishes and calculation.


Reference: MX10S-9L

Description: High dry food dispenser for maximum presentation, 95cm high, 9 liter, pro portion output, different cassettes from 10-35cc

Material: Transparent Acryl dispenser with black base
Capacity: 1x 9 liter
Measurements LxBxH: 15x 15x95cm
Weight: 2kg
Dispenser output: different exchangeable cassettes 10cc, 15cc, 20cc, 35cc. 30cc is the standard.

Installation: including wall mount bracket and extra top support ring
Color: transparent, black
Suitable for: dry food not too big and not too sticky.
Delivery: non stock item, delivery time 3-4 weeks