Bulk food dispenser, 23cl portion control, 19 liter


19 liter bulk food, portion control dispenser, portion 23cl

Portion dispensers will give one portion each time the lever is pulled. The portion dispensed will depend on mass and structure of the product but will be around 100-120gr. The dispenser can only be used for easy flowing products like peanuts, beans, seeds, rice, grains, dragees, Jelly Beans, etc. For the customer it is easier to keep control over the quantity needed and estimate pricing.


Reference: FD6103-s, bulk food dispenser

Material:  BPA free plastic
Capacity: 19 liter
Product dimensions:  width 15, length 28, heigth from stand 61m

Weight: 5 kg

Dispenser spout: 8cm

Portion: +/- 200-225gr, depending on mass and structure of product

Installation: mounting screw can be found in the base. If you want to install multiple dispensers in a row please order FD102 adhesive installation strip
Colour: Black/Clear



Additional information

Weight 5.2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 28 × 61 cm