Pet food dispensers

Are you selling loose pet food from open boxes? Boxes with no first in-first out rotation, no lids and no way to organize them efficiently? Please take a look at our pet food solutions and you might consider upgrading the section.

Customers buy as little or as much as they need

We know you sell in big volumes. Bags of 15kg, 20 and even 25 kg are daily business. But not everybody needs a big bag and sometimes the size of the bag does not reflect the sales. Offering food in an attractive way allowing customers to buy as much or as little as they need will certainly be appreciated by your customers.

Get rid of smells and moths

You probably know that selling bulk petfood is a profitable activity. Disadvantage is that it smells and that moths are flying around in the summer. Using our dispensers allows you to sell bulk petfood without all the disadvantages.

 Designing your pet solution

Please let us know what category you are thinking about. Do you want a bird seed concept, a dogs & cats display or something special for rodents? Whatever your ideas are together we will design the best solution for your customers. We will guide you through the process and share our worldwide experience in building self dispense concepts for retailers and brands. Maximizing store space, stimulate impulse buying and bringing fun and functionality to customers, that is our challenge.

Do you already have a concept in mind? Please give us a call or use our contact form.

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