Large food dispensers take over

What kind of dispenser are you looking for: a push/pull dispenser, elephant dispenser or a standard one? Have you ever considered a large food dispenser? It looks great in your store and it can give an exact amount of the product the customer wants. This is why every supermarket or food store can benefit from a large food dispenser.

Wow factor
A wall of candy, nuts or cereals is a very impressive thing to see. The large food dispensers fill the wall and make an outstanding presentation of the product. Especially when a large area is filled with a colourful product.

Pick and mix
When you place several large food dispensers next to each other and put different variants of the product in the dispensers your customers can pick and mix and get a mix of jelly beans, nuts or cereals.

In control
Big tubes give small portions. This way the customer can get exact the amount he needs. Even the largest food dispensers can give a precise portion.


You do not want to fill up your dispensers ten times a day? The usage of a big tube is a great and easy way to present your bulk and fast selling products. This way you do not have to fill up the dispensers several times a day.

Efficient use of space
You use the height of your store and this helps when you do not have a lot of surface.

An impression of large food dispensers
Here are some customers who are using big tubes. Supermarket AH XL in the Netherlands created a jelly bean wall with dispensers from Food Dispense.

At the popup store of Arla Skyr at the trainstation in Utrecht, The Netherlands, a wall of toppings was created. Here you can pimp your Skyr

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