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Brand activation

These tall dispensers, 95cm high, are filled with delicious treats to attract customers at any show or event. It is the perfect addition to your booth and brand, providing a fun and interactive way to entice customers to come check out your products. The clear exterior allows everyone passing by to see the colorful treats waiting inside, making them impossible to resist. Our dispensers are durable and easy to refill, ensuring you won’t run out of treats anytime soon. The dispense mechanism is portion controlled so only a few treats will come out. Whether it’s candy, chocolates, or any other sweet delight, our tall dispensers will be the highlight of your show or event. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to draw in new customers and make a lasting impression.

Loos Utrecht Onverpakt service
The food truck is hot!

Food trucks are revolutionizing the way we enjoy food on the go! They are perfect for catering events, shows, festivals, and the streets. Some food trucks are equipped with dispensers for toppings, coffee beans, nuts, cereals, muesli, chocolates, or sweets. The dispensers provide a unique way to help save packaging and present food well. In the Netherlands, “Loos Utrecht” built an electric bicycle truck filled with bulk food dispensers which they use to travel the streets and sell nuts and basic foods.

Offer high energy mixes on festivals

Bulk dispensers are perfect to offer a variety of snacks to attendees at events, shows, and festivals. They can contain high-energy mixes, vegetable pills, sweets, nuts, and seeds, providing a healthy and tasty option for those who need an energy boost or a quick snack to keep them going. Event organizers can choose the dispenser’s size and style based on their specific needs. These practical additions ensure guests have a nourishing snack that can keep them engaged throughout the event.

Say goodbye to messy nut scooping

Introducing our big 13L dispenser, the perfect solution for food trucks, bars and cafes that struggle with messy nut scooping. This nut dispenser eliminates the frustration of transferring nuts from large containers to small ones, reducing the risk of spillage and mess. The easy-to-use mechanism allows for quick and effortless filling of small glass containers or bowls with just a simple twist. The dispenser features a sleek design that complements any bar or cafe setting, and its transparent body allows for easy monitoring of nut levels, ensuring that you never run out. Made of high-quality materials, our dispenser is durable, easy to clean, and built to last, making it a must-have for any bar or cafe that seeks to streamline their nut dispensing process. Say goodbye to mess and hello to the convenience of our big 13L dispenser today!

You have a special project in mind?

Food Dispense has done crazy things for several international clients in the candy industry and many other branches. Look at this 600cm tall candy tree created to attract customers to an XXL supermarket.  Customers are amazed by these tall Jelly Bean or M&M tree.

6 meter tall candy tree