How to increase profits by innovative supermarket design

Supermarket design and merchandising of your store can make a real difference. Are you a supermarket owner and are you wondering how to increase profit? Read on

Think about the journey
You want customers to walk through your entire store to make sure they see all the products. Put the best selling products or the most essentials ones, like dairies, in the back of your store. Create a supermarket design with a right atmosphere. Things that smell good, like bread and flowers should be at the beginning of the store to attract customers. The colours of fresh fruit and vegetables will create a happy feeling and you want customers to enter the store with a good feeling.

Win the waiting game
Such an obvious one, but it still works. Place nice goodies and snacks at the checkout. Chocolate bars and candy are often bought as an impulse while waiting in line. We think that these could also be replaced by healthy snacks, like nuts or cereal bars.

Add a dispenser wall or counter
Have you ever considered a self-dispenser counter or wall to sell candy, nuts, coffee, tea, cereals or any other dry goods? The advantages of self-dispensing are multiple. They have a great and luxurious look and feel and guarantee the first in, first out principle. Customer can get just the amount they need and you save packaging. Last but not least you can buy a large amount of the product and increase margins.

If your available store space does not allow placing a big wall then please look at our store solutions. These solutions are available in different widths to match your store space. If you consider on adding dispensers to your supermarket design please visit

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