Food Dispense, partner in the European bulk food market

The bulk food market is growing

The bulk food market is growing and more and more clients contact Food Dispense to work together on various bulk food concepts for nuts, muesli, superfoods, chocolates, sweets, toppings, fitness powders, tea, coffee beans, etc. Our clients are retailers, food service companies and brands looking for successful, attractive presentations that are well received by consumers. Among our clients are Dr Oetker, Basic Bio, Cloetta candy, Arla, etc.

There are various reasons to start implementing a bulk food section into your food store:

  1. Customers like to buy the quantity they need
  2. More and more customers want to save on packaging
  3. Margins on bulk food are higher
  4. Zero waste and less packaging shops are getting more and more attention
  5. Bulk is fun to do, what you see is what you get

Are you planning to open a store, refurbish an existing shop or make some changes in your category planning? We will be happy to share over 10 years of experience in this specific market helping customers to implement from one shelf to a 10 meter bulk food wall. Please contact us at or call +31 573794500


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