Five reasons why unpackaged shopping is a trend

The past years unpackaged shops appeared in big cities throughout Europe and especially in Germany new shops have been initiated. Even supermarkets more often choose unpackaged displays or shelfs. Early adopters have known it for years. Unpackaged shopping is a trend and Food Dispense gives you five reasons why.

  1. We are more aware of our plastic footprint
    A term that is used more often: plastic footprint. Introduced by organisations, like the plastic soup foundation. The floating garbage dump in the north of the oceans gets a lot of attention nowadays. Who does not know the pictures of birds with belly’s full of plastic? A massive awareness and strive to produce less (plastic) waste is growing. Unpackaged shopping is a simple way to contribute.
  2. We want less (plastic) garbage at home
    Separation of (plastic) garbage has increased the past few years. The government has taken action and we all became more active. A good cause, but with a downside. In Europe a home has an average of 3 to 6 garbage cans. They take a lot of space and cause other grieves, like bad smell.  Separation of waste is time consuming and complex. It make sense that we want less waste and unpackaged shopping becomes more attractive.
  3. No package is next to no bag
    Since the beginning of this year shop owners in Holland are not allowed to give free bags to customers. The customers can pay for it or take their own bag. Research shows that 8 out of 10 Dutchmen take their own bag now. Before an average of 3 milliard plastic bags passed the counter. After this success less package in the shops is a next step.
  4.  It is a delight to scoop and weigh yourself
    Do you remember when you were a little kid and you were allowed to scoop candies at the local druggist? Imagine you can grab and weigh all your groceries yourself? Unpackaged shopping is not only ethical responsible, but also fun and easy. You choose the exact amount of the product and only buy what you need.
  5. Unpackaged shopping is conscious shopping
    It’s 5 pm and after work you stop to buy vegetables and bread. But you arrive at home with vegetables, bread, crisps, chocolate and a lot of other stuff. Do you recognize this? Shopping when hungry is not recommendable, but the package is the blame as well. It is ensures we take more impulsive actions. After all a marketing team is behind it.  Unpackaged shopping is peaceful, because there is no distraction of attractive packages. You deal with food more conscious, because you know exactly what you buy and you weigh and feel everything yourself
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