Dog food gourmet windmill

These dog biscuits are baked by a Dutch baker conquering the USA. Food Dispense delivered the dispensers for a display in the shape of a windmill. We are wondering how the dogs feel about this? And how about dog food in general? How do your customers choose dog food? We asked a few dog owners. This is what they say:

Breeder’s recommendation
Naturally the puppy is fed by his mother, but he gets the first dry or fresh dog food from the breeder.
New owners often continue to give this. After all a breeder knows best what kind of nutrition works for a certain kind of breed. Especially first time dog owners take advice from a breeder.

Pet store consult
A place where you can get information about dog food is the pet store. This advice is seen as reliable. Dog owners visit the pet store often and are happy to choose a product that is available nearby.

Internet search
Pet guardians are looking for information on the internet. Especially if they have to switch nutrition because the dog does not like the food or gets an allergy or other grieves. Forums and informative websites are being consulted before choosing a new product.

Brand awareness
Like with other products we choose brands that we heard of before or we choose a brand that is known by friends or family.  Word of mouth marketing surely goes for pet food. Awareness and trust are important when choosing dog nutrition.

The dog chooses!
Really? Yes, some dogs choose their own food. Simply by rejecting the food that is presented and eating the option they do like. Some bosses even put a few options on the floor and let their dog friend decide. We like this idea! What do think of a dog food display? A place where dogs can choose their favourite snacks and dry foods.

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