Cereals are better sold in bulk

Cereals are usually sold in cartons with plastic inner packaging. If everybody would buy cereals from the dispenser we would need less landfills. Together we can save packaging by offering cereals in bulk. Can we partner up?

Attract more breakfast customers

Customers are attracted to the self dispense section because they can see the product beautifully displayed in the transparent dispensers. The false front allows the disenser to always appear full and customers just pick their favorites and take the amount they need. Customer behavior shows that they do not buy more but come more often to your store.

Margins on bulk cereals are higher

Prices can be lower than pre-packed foods and margins for the retailer are good. In the USA the self dispense product in general outsells the prepacked product 2:1

The best cereal solution

The wide range of cereal dispensers and scoop bins in different sizes and capacities allows us to meet your needs. Are you a hotel, a store or a brand? Together we can design the best solution for your customers.Maximizing store space, stimulating impulse buying and bringing fun and functionality to customers, that is our challenge. Do you already have a concept in mind? Please let us know your thoughts and mail us at info@fooddispense.eu


Dispensers for cereals